Registration FAQs


How do I register for Camp Blue Hawk programs?

Camp Blue Hawk utilizes a comepltely secure online registration and form collection system called CampDoc. With the click of a button you will be able to register for programs, fill out forms, submit payments and access helpful information. Your information will be saed year after year so that you'll only need to update and confirm basic information each year! 

Registration for Camp Blue Hawk programs is a two-step process: 

Step 1: Application

  • Parents/guardians of potential camper will comeplte a short application in CampDoc for the child they would like to register
  • That application will be reviewed, and if approved, the camper will be automatically registered for the camp program. Parents/guardians will be notified of the application approval and registration with an automated email from CampDoc. 

Step 2: Deposit & Health Profile

  • Parents/guardians will receive an email notifying the of their child's registration for the camp program.
  • Parents/guardians can then log into CampDoc.com and pay the $50 deposit and complete their camper's Health Profile. 

Can I come with my child to a Camp Blue Hawk program?

No. We beleive strongly that Camp Blue Hawk has benefits for both campers and caregivers. Campers get the opportunity to gain independence in their diabetes self-care wihile interacting with others who understand exactly what they expreince on a daily basis, without the watchful eye of their parents/guardians. Likewise, our programs offer caregivers the opportunity to practice giving their camper some independence in their diabetes self-care. We hope caregivers will also take this opportunity to take a break from worrying abour their child's diabetes, and do something they may not usually get the chance to do - take a short vacation, go on a date night to the movies without their child with T1D, or sleep through the night! 

Can a buddy or sibling without diabetes accompany my child to a Camp Blue Hawk program?

No. At this time we do not offer any camp programs that include siblings or friends without diabetes. 

Does my child have to be seen by a doctor at an OU affiliated clinic to attend a Camp Blue Hawk program?

No. We are happy to serve families and campers who are seen at clinics outside of those affiliated with The University of Oklahoma, OU Medicine, and OU Physicians. Our medical director will work with your child's primary diabetes care physician to get your child approved to attend one of our programs, and make sure we have all of the information we need for your child to have a safe and successful camp experience. 


Scholarship FAQs


Does Camp Blue Hawk offer scholarships? How do they work? When will I be notified if I have received a scholarship?

Scholarships are limited and are provided on a first come, first served basis. We offer both partial and full scholarships. Those who wish to apply for a camp scholarship will do so in their camper Application (Step 1). 

Families that receive a scholarship will see the scholarship amount relfected n the Account tab of their camper's CampDoc profile after the camper has been approved and automatically registered for the program. 

If you receive a partial scholarship (up to $50 less than the total program fee) you will be responsible for payting the $50 deposit to reserve your camper's spot in the program. 

If you receive a full scholarship, in lieu of paying a deposit, you will be required to fully comeplte your camper's health profile before their spot will be reserved in the program. 

Can I set up a payment plan for Camp Blue Hawk programs?

Those in need of setting up a payment plan may do so on their own in CampDoc. Click HERE for directions on how to set up such plans.

Can I fundraise my camp fees?

Yes! Camp Blue Hawk is so happy to be able to offer families the opportunity to fundraise to offset their personal fees! Begin your fundraising eforts as soon as you have a confirmed space for your desired camp program. Be sure that you have registered online and secured your child's spot at camp first. 

Campers and families are encouraged to seek fundraising opportunities within their own comunities. Click HERE for a packet we have put together to help families begin their fundraising efforts.



Camp Blue Hawk Pricing Model FAQs


Has Camp Blue Hawk changed its fee for programs?

Yes. Camp Blue Hawk is changing its pricing model to better reflect the true cost of services provided. Since our founding in 2015, Camp Blue Hawk has charged significantly less than the actual cost of providing educational services to a camper. in recent years, our pricing model has been based on the assumption that participant fees would cover one-third of our actual costs - the remainder coming from grants and donations. However, grants and donations are becoming even more comeptitive and scarce, while costs for program essentials are steadily rising. As a result, we must change our pricing model in order to sustain our great programs. 

Do I have to pay the "Actual Cost"?

No. The option to pay the Acutal Cost of attending programs is just that - a voluntary option. Families that have the ability to pay the actual cost of thier child or family to attend are encouraged to pay the Actual Cost of their child attending a specific program. The payment plans available through the CampDoc system are a great way to assist Camp Blue Hawk by covering the actual fee of camp. 

What do you need from my family?

By sharing the challenges Camp Blue Hawk has to overcome in putting on life-changing programs, our hope is that families will join Camp Blue Hawk in helping to close the funsing gap fo rnot only thier children, but that Camp Blue Hawk can continue to offer a 3-tiered pricing model and provide scholarship support ot those who need the financial assistance. Camp Blue Hawk has a number of ways that families can help fund our programs. Whether you choose to attend a fundraising event, host your own event, or have connections to business and community members that can help, every family's support is valued and is important in making sure Camp Blue Hawk continues to provide great programs to our community. 

For more information on how you can help, contact Elvie Ellis, Camp Coordinator, at the office (405-271-2824, elvie-ellis@ouhsc.edu).