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We understand that parents and caregivers have a long list of health and safety concerns for their child.  You may be worried about food and nutrition, proper medical care and supplies, and managing diabetes while your child is away from home. No need to worry. A team of diabetes health care professionals at Camp Blue Hawk is on site to take care of our campers.

In addition to focusing on the medical safety of each camper, we also focus on having fun at camp! Campers can expect to be busy from sun up to sun down, with short break throughout the day. We make it a point to make sure that there is something for everyone at camp. Boredom is never a reality at Camp Blue Hawk! 


Trained and knowledgeable staff including counselors with diabetes in some settings 

An onsite medical team 

Onsite medical facilities, equipment and supplies 

Tailored nutrition program for campers 

Closely monitored and administered glucose testing, insulin injections and pump maintenance 

Customized activity schedules that accommodate the needs of a child with diabetes 

Overall focus on safety while not compromising on FUN!


The medical safety of campers is always our biggest focus at Camp Blue Hawk - we take it very seriously. At Camp Blue Hawk we have an extensive Medical Staff to ensure the medical safety of our campers, which includes Board Certified Pediatric Endocrinologists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Certified Diabetes Educators, medical residents and fellows, and current medical school students. 

The Medical Staff:

  • Reviews and adjusts each campers' diabetes care plan on a daily basis, taking into account increased physical activity levels at camp
  • Supervises and confirms carbohydrate counting before and during meals and snacks
  • Administers, or directly supervises the administration of insulin
  • Provides information and education through fun, hands-on activities, chat sessions, and taking advantage of "teachable moments"
  • Administers any non-diabetes related medications
  • Treats campers who visit the infirmary for both diabetes and non-diabetes related needs


In addition to our experienced Medical Staff, we also have qualified Counselors, Counselors-In-Training, and Operations Staff at camp. All Camp Staff are required to provide us with references, have undergone background checks, have been interviewed and have taken part in training and onsite orientation. 


The Counselors are all age 21 or older. The majority of our Counselors are current medical school students from varying disciplines at the OU Health Sciences Center.

Counselors-In-Training (CIT):

The CITs are all between the ages of 18 and 21 years old, and must be entering their senior year of high school, at least. The majority of our CITs have type 1 diabetes, and those that do must have an A1C of 10% or less at the time of application. 

Operations Staff:

The Operations Staff must be at least 18 years old, and must have already graduated from high school. 


We do our best to provide all of the insulin needed for each camper at no additional cost. Most other diabetes management supplies are also provided, with the exception of some pump and CGM supplies. Attending campers will receive information about what diabetes management supplies they need to bring to camp, if any. 

PLEASE NOTE: Broadcasting from pumps and CGMs to parent cell phones will be turned off at check-in. This is to ensure that parents/guardians get a break from the constant management of their child's diabetes, and to give the campers an opportunity to truly feel some independence in their diabetes self-care. 


Sending a child with diabetes away to a camp can be scary. To help you feel prepared we have the following procedures in place:

Summer Camp:

Within the month prior to Summer Camp we will have two Parent/Guardian Information Sessions (one in OKC and one in Tulsa) that parents/guardians and campers can attend to get all of their questions answered about camp. Both Elvie Ellis, the Camp Coordinator, and an experienced member of the Medical Staff will be in attendance. We will also have a Parent Handbook available online with the same information covered at the Parent Information Sessions.

Teen Retreat:

Within the month prior to Teen Retreat you will receive a Parent Packet in the mail will all of the information you need to have your teen ready for the retreat. 

You can always call our office (405-271-2824) or email CampBlueHawk@ouhsc.edu with any questions you may have.